stero types in tv

  1. To what extent have gender stereotypes changed?

A. girls are now equal to men and are shown in profesional jobs.

  1. To what extent have racial stereotypes changed?

A.  though their not shown as violent or clowns. today native americans are shown to be poor and druks or rich because they are the owner of a casino. african americans are shown as extremly violent and causht up in gangs and drug rings.

  1. What stereotypes on TV exist for people who are GLBT?

A:  i dont really see any sterotypes they just seem to be the charater to get picked on.

  1. Please provide some example TV shows from the past decade to illustrate your arguments.

A. breacking bad, orange is the new black, the walking dead, Glee,


multi tasking

  1. To what extent do you multitask with media during school? Do your teachers allow it?

A.  the most I multi task in school would be when im on a computer I usually have about 8 tabs open so I can work on several different projects. As well as when im doing work but also talking with my friends and making plans.

  1. How about when you’re outside of school; do you multitask with media?

A. not really because I have such a busy activity life im rarely on my phone or have time to look on social media.

  1. Do you think you’re effective at multitasking? Why or why not?

A. I belive there are somethings im good at but other I really struggle at.

  1. After watching this clip, do you anticipate multitasking in the future during school? Why or why not?

A. I feel like I might multi task a little bit more but not as much as the people in the front line video.

  1. What are the implications or consequences of multitasking with digital media? Do you see problems for society or for yourself?

A.not really i feel like  multi tasking isnt a problem just an adjustment.

MTV Mooks and Midriff


1: what is a midriff and mook?   

A: Mooks and midriffs sterotypes that multi media uses to catigorys types of male and female that they can make liked by the population. Midriffs are young girls and women(teens-early 20s) whos behavior is a curious mixture of “innocent” and “sexuality”.  Mooks are men who act very manly but also act like a jerk to get people to laugh.

2: are midriffs and mooks still around today?

A: Very much so just take a look at katy perrys video for teenage dream. it shows off her cute bubbly girlness but shes also lying naked.

3: Are mooks and midriffs reflective of society or a creation by MTv?

A:  i think they are creations of MTv but since they potray these figures the youth are influenced to act like the people on MTv.

4: How Has MTv changed?

A: it has changed so dramaticly over time they no longer play music videos because ever one has it on youtube provided by vevo. in stead they show girl? guy code that talks about the dos and donts to get with a guy or girl. along with other shows  incredible funny shows.

5: what should MTv move into next?

A: i feel that they should keep doing what their doing but throw some of the music back in. 

Personal Profile: Keaton


when keaton first stepped onto a field it was simple for fun and games but now its for pure compition.

keaton started soccor in Casper wyoming at the age of 8 years old. he got the idea to play soccer from his sister who alresdy played soccer. he played non competivly untill his first year of middle school when he started to play compwetivly on his schools team. today he plays on his high schools varsity team as center defender.

Keaton plans on playing in collage but as a hobbie because he wants to pursue a degree in chermisty. he plan on going chemical enginering.












































































































































































































does the image above look perfect to you veiw the video to see how magazines get their girls to be perfect

I feel that magazines should not alter their images. Because it makes the young girls who read the magazine feel self-conscious about them selves and they can give false hopes. Magazine air brushing  has been lead to a few cases of eating disorders and depression in young girls and boys acrossed america.

  1. Give a review of you’re interviewing experience. How did it feel to be interviewed by your partner? And, how did it feel to be the interviewer and ask your partner questions?

A: I felt that the interview was very friendly and not all that scary. because ive been interviewed before and im a more social person anyway.

2. What the best part of the experience? What was the worst part of the experience?

A: The best part was getting to know the person I was interviewing as for the worst I dont think anything was that hard or bad.

3. What did you learn from the experience?

A: how to get better sound quality with rthe recording device.

4. If you had to do anything over, what would it be? Or, if you had to give yourself advice for future interviews, what would you say?

A: if i had to repat the activity I would problay would have verbal responded as much I guess.

5. Do you think your new interviewing skills we be helpful in the future?

A: yes because I do have to do interviews in my school paper for many of the articles I write.


HSI Day Five & Six


Day Five: Today we played doge ball and its super scary when your the last one out their. After dinner we went to seminar then played captured the flag.Tomorrow were going to go bowling.

Day Six: