MTV Mooks and Midriff


1: what is a midriff and mook?   

A: Mooks and midriffs sterotypes that multi media uses to catigorys types of male and female that they can make liked by the population. Midriffs are young girls and women(teens-early 20s) whos behavior is a curious mixture of “innocent” and “sexuality”.  Mooks are men who act very manly but also act like a jerk to get people to laugh.

2: are midriffs and mooks still around today?

A: Very much so just take a look at katy perrys video for teenage dream. it shows off her cute bubbly girlness but shes also lying naked.

3: Are mooks and midriffs reflective of society or a creation by MTv?

A:  i think they are creations of MTv but since they potray these figures the youth are influenced to act like the people on MTv.

4: How Has MTv changed?

A: it has changed so dramaticly over time they no longer play music videos because ever one has it on youtube provided by vevo. in stead they show girl? guy code that talks about the dos and donts to get with a guy or girl. along with other shows  incredible funny shows.

5: what should MTv move into next?

A: i feel that they should keep doing what their doing but throw some of the music back in. 


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